Thursday, August 31, 2017

Locked In Haze

Another mix?!  Yes.  Hey, they're only an hour.  You've got time.  At the moment I'm slightly in a holding pattern with a few things, but I'm listening to music of course, and that at the moment equals mixes.  I've got a couple of things coming up, but I'm not 100% the master of my own destiny in some things, let's say, so I'm on standby, but I'm not tired of these mixes yet and I hope you - whoever you are, *if* you are - are not tired of them either.  This one's good.

1. Borogroves (National Health)
2. Franks Kaktus (Dungen)
3. Errance (Aquaserge)
4. Kitten Kind (The Boss Music)
5. Down Home (Simon Park)
6. The Blue Brook (Don Harper)
7. Ultime Luci (Rino de Filippi)
8. Johanneslust (Eno, Moebius & Roedelius)
9. So Far (Faust)
10. Causeway Ballet (The Advisory Circle)
11. Sova (Dungen)
12. Strobo Acceleration (Stereolab)
13, Didball (High Llamas)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Further Starry Wisdom

1. Allas Sak (Dungen)
2. Clerk 3 (Patten)
3. The Way Will Be Opening (Stereolab)
4. Cloud Control (Pye Corner Audio and The Advisory Circle)
5. Nocturnal Lullaby (Sven Libaek)
6. 6th Chapter - Altarra Princess (Julian's Treatment)
7. Until Then (Broadcast)
8. TNT (Takemura Remix) (Tortoise)
9. Further Starry Wisdom (The Advisory Circle)
10. Adventures In A Miniature Landscape (Belbury Poly)
11. The Fallen By Watchbird (Edit/Remix) (Jane Weaver)
12. Cast Adrift (The Greg Foat Group)
13. Concerto For Philodendron & Pothos (Mort Garson)
14. Medioid (Tremblexy)
15. Dissolve In Sepia (Derek Austin)
16. How Is It (The Moody Blues)

Superpotenza (Rotary Library Mix)

Second in my "series" of library & production music label specific mixes, this one is the Rotary library, which is mostly Amedeo Tommasi and Sandro Brugnolini under various guises.  It is a small library with only seven releases (with uniform cover art I really quite like), and goes from 8-bit-esque mutant jazz to some beautiful and amazing experimentalist and atmospheric pieces.  I quite like this little library, though I'm not sure how many people will sit through this one.  Give it a whirl!

Second in my series of specific library & production music labels: A mix of works from the small Rotary Library ( - quirky, electronic (sometimes almost "8-bit-esque") jazz, occasionally cheesy, with moments of transcendent beauty and experimentalism.
1. Campo Lungo
2. Depressione
3. Superpotenza (2)
4. Sabbia al Sole
5. Tensione Statica
6. Paricolo Uno
7. Quadrangolo
8. Sensazioni d' Estate
9. Feeling
10. Superpotenza (1)
11. Fantapolitica
12. Abbandoni
13. Sotto Sforzo
14. Marciapiedia Milano
15. Venezia
16. Spleen
17. Lavoro Sereno
18. Lavoro Veloce
19. Aflogelia
20. Campo Lungo (2)
21. Superpotenza (1)

Clockwork Horoscope

The library label mixes are, I imagine, going to attract a very small number of listeners, so the plan right now is to follow one of those mixes with one of my "normal" mixes.  Here, then, is a new Mix mix!  I quite like how this one turned out.  A bit dreamy.  As always, any questions, threats, insults, requests, etc. - let me know!  Tracklist below.

1. Matto, Caldo, Soldi, Morto...Girotondo (Ennio Morricone)
2. White Gladiator (Teisco)
3. Arpington Main (The Focus Group)
4. Bau Bau (Rodion G.A.)
5. Don't Take My Soul (Jane Weaver)
6. Orchid 7 (Paddy Mcaloon)
7. Inside Out (Broadcast and The Focus Group)
8. The Moonlawn (Belbury Poly)
9. Capricorn - The Uncapricious Climber (Zodiac Cosmic Sounds)
10. Village Of Numbers (The Focus Group)
11. Playroom Concealed (Moon Wiring Club)
12. Dawns y Blaned Dirion (Gwenno)
13. Boy For Sale (Galaxy Lin)
14. Pulses (Astral Sounds)
15. Elmerson, Lincoln, And Palmieri (Tortoise)
16. Man Is Not A Bird (Broadcast)
17. Les Deux Poissons (Dominique Guiot)
18. Stage Craft and Screens (The Focus Group)
19. Clockwork Horoscope (Belbury Poly)
20. Destindere (Relaxation) (Rodion G.A.)
21. I Know You Scorpio (Mort Garson)
22. In A Lost Queen's Eyes (Comus)
23. Libra - The Minor Mirror's Self (Broadcast and The Focus Group)
24. Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up (Pink Floyd)

Also, as of now:

#psychedelic23rd#downtempo54th#dream pop#experimental33rd#psychedelic rock


Cradle Of Time (Timing Library Mix)

The first in my "series" of mixes with each mix focusing on one specific library.  In this mix, it is the Timing Library.  Connected to Music De Wolfe / In-Editions, this library is relatively small (with 16 volumes) but quite interesting and often incredible, with everything from 70s-car-chase-scene jazz funk to sitar-laden psych and a lot in between (including some incredibly beautiful pieces).  Hopefully this mix gives a good taste of what this library has to offer.  It's obviously a bit easy when the library is somewhat small.

The tracklist is below, with the number in parentheses indicating which volume the song comes from.

1. I Wish (14)
2. Furtif (5)
3. Alti (1)
4. Brulure (7)
5. The Sad Friday (16)
6. Chelsea Road (6)
7. Revery In Stereo (4)
8. Consciousness Of Aggression 2 (12)
9. Reverie Caline No 1 (10)
10. Prelude en Mi (2)
11. Chart (13)
12. Les Cigales Balancent (7)
13. Cheval (16)
14. L'Important (4)
15. Cite (1)
16. Aurelia (3)
17. Loharin (7)
18. Mignonne (5)
19. Linda (6)
20. La Gigue Bleue (6)
21. Consciousness Or Fear 2 (12)
22. Dreamer (14)
23. Queen Of Heart (6)
24. Henny (3)
25. Son (4)
26. Cantique l'Automne (14)
27. Skratch (6)
28. Plink (6)
29. Marietta (16)
30. Brulure D'Ete (7) 
31. Golden Blend (4)
32. Joy & Children (12)
33. Twilight (14)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Not Necessarily News

I keep thinking and hearing from a few people that I need to actually write here, and I keep meaning to, but I never do.  I'm thinking of possible things to "blog" about, and I think, for real this time, I will try to do so - so please excuse the word salad to come in the near future.  Maybe I'll write about albums that are very important to me, or maybe even a film I've seen or some such.  Who knows.  I don't!

I do have some sort of "news" as far as my own work goes but I'm still waiting on a couple of things to get done before I post it.  It's not really a big deal for anyone but possibly me, but it's my party and I'll blog if I want to.

I do intend, when I have the time to sit down and write about the surreal way I came about it, to post a rare musical find that I am pretty sure at least a few other people will enjoy.  So that's coming up, hopefully this coming weekend.

And also, in addition to my usual mix fare, such as it is, I am going to give something new a shot: I am a huge fan of library music, and have a decent collection, so I am going to start a mix "series" of library music, choosing one specific library for each mix and choosing songs that I enjoy from that library.  I've wanted to do something like that for a while, but wasn't sure how interested anyone would be, and I'm still not sure, but I'm interested, so, look for the first one of those in the coming days.

And finally, I can't close out this post without this:



L'étrange Voyage de M. Brendwood (Michel Colombier)
Enregistrement (Francoise Hardy)
Je Veux Te Dire Une Chanson (Angelillo Et Hamel)
Black/White (Jane Birkin)
Le Code Rural (April March)
Déshominisation (A Goraguer)
Sexopolis (Jean-Pierre Mirouze)
Le Solei Est Pres De Moi (Air)
Les Fauves (Cleo)
Les Pommes De Lune (Evariste)
Le Combat (Benjamin Schoos)
L' Hôtel Particulier (Serge Gainsbourg)
Un Ami Viendra Ce Soir (Bertrand Burgalat)
Toi Le Shazam (Papi)
A L'Amitie (Aquaserge)
Mon Petit Garcon (Paul Semama)
Tu Te Moques De Moi (Ria Bartok)
Je Suis Inadaptйe (B Fontaine)
Attends ou va-t'en (France Gall)
Dracula (Christine Pilzer)
Tu As Peur De Bruit (Les Roches Martin)
L'icorne d'or (Victoire Scott)
Que Pouvons-Nous Faire Ensemble (Alice)
Hier Ou Demain (M Faithfull)
Un Soir Chez Norris (P Cavalli)
Ecoyte Mon Coeur (R Bartok)
Turlututu Capot Pointu (M Colombier)
Hip Hipnotise You (Gong)
Negatif (Benjamin Biolay)

Monday, August 21, 2017


I've been making perhaps too many of these, but I'm working some things out.  I will have some news coming up, as well as something fun to share.  And since I can't seem to stop making these mixes, more mixes!  

I Will Be Absorbed

1. I Will Be Absorbed (Egg)
2. Paracelsus (National Health)
3. Cuckoo's Out (High Llamas)
4. Not Sport, Martial Arts (Jim O'Rourke)
5. Lost In A Lost World (The Moody Blues)
6. Fall From Grace (Paddy Mcaloon)
7. Merlin's Prophecy (David Axelrod)
8. The World Backwards (Broadcast)
9. Dada Was Here (Soft Machine)
10. Through The Valley (Sinoia Caves)
11. Stuffed Tomato (Vangelis)
12. Part Two: ALKON planet of Cantauri (Julian's Treatment)
13. Concessioni Naturali (Magnetic Systems)
14. TNT (Tortoise)
15. Mummy Was An Asteroid, Daddy Was A Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil (Quiet Sun)
16. Black Hat (National Heath)
17. Dark World (Sven Libaek)