Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mobius Trip

1. Another You - Jacco Gardner
2. Adonai - Ennio Morricone
3. Non Stop Mood - Roger Davy
4. The Black Tower - Julian's Treatment
5. Mobius Trip - HP Lovecraft
6. Undying Love For Humanity - Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble
7. Caboclo - Arthur Verocai
8. Curse of the Witches - Strawberry Alarm Clock
9. Hex - The Sound of Feeling
10. Ripped Open By Metal Explosion - Galt Macdermot
11. Gozo Theme - Gemma Ray
12. Au Delà De La Peur - Alain Goraguer
13. Les Dunes D'ostende - Francois De Roubaix
14. The Mafista - Neal Hefti
15. Theme 504 - Jean-Claude Vannier
16. The Magic Castle - Jean Bouchety
17. Riassunto - Ennio Morricone

Thursday, March 16, 2017


1. Mariah - 少年
2. Belbury Poly - The New Harmony
3. Giampiero Boneschi - New Situation
4. Fusioon - Cyclos
5. Broadcast - Phantom
6. Roy Budd - Hallucinations
7. Strawberry Alarm Clock - Black Butter, Future
8. The High Llamas - Harmonium
9. Cosmic Analog Ensemble - La Fonte des Glaces
10. Hildegard Knef - Friedenskampf Und Schadenfreude
11. Stereolab - Puncture in the Radax Permutation
12. Pink Floyd - Cymbaline
13. David Bowie - There is a Happy Land
14. Nancy Priddy - Epitaph
15. Scott Walker - Time Operator


1. Stereolab - I Feel The Air (Of Another Planet)
2. Cosmic Analog Ensemble - Four Notes
3. Jane Weaver - Slow Motion
4. Francoise Hardy - Le Temps Des Souvenirs
5. Barry Adamson - Something Wicked This Way Comes
6. Dusty Springfield - Spooky
7. Broadcast - Locusts
8. Jane Weaver - Neotantrik Globes (Excerpt)
9. Brooks and O'Hagan - Calibair
10. Bertrand Burgalat - (Come Potrei) Scordare
11. The Advisory Circle & Hong Kong in the 60s - Seasons Change
12. Testbild! - Spacedog Walk
13. Jane Weaver - Noctilumina
14. Belbury Poly & Moon Wiring Club - The Music Room
15. The High Llamas - Cropduster
16. Scott Walker - Big Louise

An Electric Mind

1. Sven Grunberg - Naksitrallide Avamäng
2. Death & Vanilla - Necessary Distortions
3. Georges Vert - An Electric Mind
4. Jane Weaver - Argent
5. The Advisory Circle - Now Ends the Beginning
6. Harmonia - Dino
7. Sven Grunberg - Klaabu Kosmoses (1)
8. Air - Kelly Watch the Stars
9. Belbury Poly & Moon Wiring Club - The Young People
10. Cluster - Heisse Lippen
11. Sven Grunberg - Klaabu Kosmoss (2)
12. Pram - Beluga
13. Cavern of Anti-Matter - Void Beat (Karen Gwyer Remix)

The Flower Called Nowhere

1. The New 23rd - Ralph Carmichael
2. Literature is Fluff - The High Llamas
3. Science Fiction #10 - Horst Ackerman & Heribert Thusek
4. The Flower Called Nowhere - Stereolab
5. Midway - Jacques Siroul
6. Songs of Innocence - David Axelrod
7. This Is How You Dance - John Barry
8. The Book Lovers (Andy Votel Remix) - Broadcast
9. En Alabama - Leonie
10. Le Bracelet - Alain Goraguer
11. Naksitrallid - Sven Grunberg
12. Petramorphosis - Angelo Michajlov
13. Coral Bracelet - April March
14. Blazing Skyline - Jean-Pierre Decerf
15. Pure Funk - Mike Gillingham & Roy Stone
16. Unknowing Surveillance - Brian Bennett
17. A Simple Formality - Komeda

Le Pays Imaginaire

I have been remiss lately in actually posting things to this blog.  A LOT has been going on in my life.  I nearly lost my father.  I had my own health scare/issue to deal with.  I have continued to make mixes; it has been a nice form of therapy; I just have let some things fall by the wayside.  I'm going to do a huge dump of my recent mixes, and hopefully from now on I'll cross-post and get mp3 versions up.  If anyone would like an mp3 of a mix that isn't posted, let me know.  If you're looking for something I might have, also feel free to let me know.

I'm back into music-heavy mode working on my project, so I've got a lot of music set aside for future mixes.  (Making them helps me focus a bit sometimes, and also gives me ideas and inspiration.)  I've got the second part of my children's music mix to finish up; I've got a second part to my mix of music score cues - again with a lot of more modern stuff that one might not expect from someone like me; I've been on a library music kick lately which will likely bleed into a mix, as well as some hauntology stuff, etc.  And eventually, an announcement about my own project, which is beginning to metastasize into a higher stage of completion.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gemini Calling

A relatively upbeat, relaxed mix for downbeat, furious times. Gainsbourgian pop/chanson, modern and vintage, rare library music, etc. (With a French / European bent, but not exclusively.)  


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mutation 24

I was asked if I could post a good quality rip of the wonderful "Mutation 24" by Claude Perraudin, a great French electronic/psych/prog library album released by RCA France in 1977.  It's quite good, fits in for me right beside the great late 70s Chicago 2000 or Auvidis library stuff (I'm thinking perhaps something like Dominique Guiot's "L'univers de la Mer" and the like), and of course Perraudin is probably most well known for his work on the Patchwork label.  I not too long ago used the track "Guitare Blessee" from this album in a mix.  Cool cover art as well.  So, with all that said, the link to download a 320 mp3 rip of the album is below - I hope it is enjoyed, and really, not a bad album to listen to as we ring in an uncertain new year.

Download here.