Sunday, October 8, 2017

You Were a Shooting Star

1. My Autumn's Done Come (Lee Hazlewood)
2. The Greenfield Industrialist (Lake Ruth)
3. Cover (Halasan Bazar & Tara King Th.)
4. Hombre Hormiga (Modular)
5. Jane B (Jane Birkin)
6. Prelude en Mi (Roger Bourdin)
7. Lawns of Dawn (Nico)
8. Banana Monster Ne Répond Plus (Stereolab)
9. Hole of Birds (Tara King Th.)
10. So Beguiled (The Soundcarriers)
11. Burning Bridges (The New Lines)
12. New Religion (Trifle)
13. Boy For Sale (Galaxy Lin)
14. Fragment pour le future de l'omme (Laetitia Sadier)
15. Il Serpente (Guess What)
16. Mutuelle Appreciation (Tara King Th.)
17. Kawasaki (Jane Birkin)
18. Communication (Le Futur Pompiste)
19. Shooting Star (The Mamas and The Papas)
20. From Above (Death And Vanilla)

This gets me caught up.  I had been neglecting to post here.  I have made some progress and have some things in the works that hopefully will start to roll out soon.  I'll also as always continue to have (too many?) mixes.  If anyone wants an mp3 of any of these or have any particular requests, comments, death threats, etc., just get in touch!



(w/ Francoise Hardy, Aquaserge, April March, Stereolab, The New Lines, Serge Gainsbourg, Broadcast, Air, Pram, Rachel Zeffira, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, John Foxx and the Belbury Circle, Claude Lombard, Death And Vanilla, Gwenno, Benjamin Schoos, Heather Trost, Melody's Echo Chamber, Lake Ruth, and more)

The Patchwork Explains (a mix in tribute to Trish Keenan)

A mix made in honor of the late and dearly missed Trish Keenan of Broadcast, whose birthday was 9/28 (the day after my birthday).

Through a Prism Backwards

(A downtempo, lounge-y palate cleanser.)

L'univers De La Mer (Auvidis Library Mix)

(A mix of selections from the Auvidis music library, specifically their late 70s output.)

I Feel the Air (Of Another Planet)

Between Mirrors

You Must Wake

Nurser of the Leftover Numbers